Heating & Cooling


The cold winter climate in western Canada can make it difficult to live and work. Climate Control Services knows this firsthand, and we do all that we can to make it so your office environment comfortable, so you can take shelter from the frosty elements.We provide custom solutions and reputable products for all retrofits and installations to match your buildings unique requirements.Proper maintenance of all HVAC and boiler equipment is paramount to ensure reliability and longevity to these systems during our extreme temperatures.

Air Conditioning

When it comes to maintaining, repairing, or installing an air conditioning system, Climate Control Services technicians offer an approach that will keep your business comfortable throughout the year. Determining the best solutions to the climate conditions in your business can be difficult, but we can help you choose the air conditioners in Calgary that work for you. We can also get the system you already have humming along at maximum efficiency.

The Whole Package

From roof top heating and cooling units to furnaces and ductless split air conditioners, Climate Control Services has you covered. To get a personalized quote please book an appointment now!